April 28, 2011


Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Shannon Schnell and I am a self-admitted Design Nerd. I eat, sleep, breathe & dream, all things related to interior design. Fortunately I have a very understanding family. My wonderful husband cannot remember the last time he watched a movie that I wasn't pointing out the Imperial Trellis wallcovering (though it's not really available in that colourway) or how the set reminds me of a room designed by James Huniford that was published in House Beautiful sometime last year. I'm quite certain that my three-year old son is one of only a select few who recognizes Chippendale chairs and constantly corrects his grandparents with "it's not a couch, Grammy, it's a sofa." My favorite place to hide will always be between the pages of one of my many shelter magazines (the real, paper kind of course), preferably an older edition or out of print title. (Southern Accents, you will forever be missed.)
Since this passion tends to consume my life, I am fortunate enough to own a design firm- Dwellings Design Group, here in Wichita, Kansas. Okay so it's not the most glamourous place one could possibly live, but it is home. I am fortunate enough to work with two amazing people: Tina- who is the organized one, and Lance- who is an amazing kitchen designer. He and I have been known to compete for the most complexly designed kitchen. :)
This blog is where I will share the projects we're working on, inspiring images, thoughts, theories, and who knows what else. 
Here's to a relaxing weekend...

Thank you for reading!